Monday, March 7, 2011

The Ten Rules of Micro-Video Blogging

1- Do not waste your viewers' time.

2- Do NOT WASTE your viewers' time.

3- Talk fast. Your most interested viewers will know enough of what you're talking about not to need you to go slow.

4- Make one point and one point only. This is not a dissertation, it's not about proving the point, it's about sharing the point and starting a conversation.

5- Say it. Don't introduce or explain what you're going to say- just say it. Support it later.

6- Be passionate. People care about what you say when you care about what you say.

7- Be imperfect. Too often, fear of little errors suppresses sharing good ideas. Minor slip-ups only hurt a conversation that probably shouldn't be happening anyway.

8- Provide links and references in the supporting text, like here, not in the video.

9- Always (always always always) have more to say. NEVER rely on filler.

10- Let it die. If your point resonates, and many people want to share in the conversation, then great, but don't be disappointed if it dies. Worse, don't let the fear of its death impair your share.


Yana said...

Great video, I saw it is working on you.

Pamela said...

AWESOME! I'm going to follow these. Maybe I'm already micro-videoing. I'd love your feedback. I'm an old doc trying to catch on with the new gen.


Pamela Wible MD

astupple said...

Wow, your blog is excellent (IMHO)!

The clips are very accessible, and you say more in less time than I am for sure.

I'm going to spend some time exploring your site, will offer more feedback later.

Thanks for the encouragement!


PS- are you on twitter? @astupple