Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Relieving the Echo Chamber: HCSM Discussion We Need to Have to Move Forward

In his recent post Social Media and Health Care: Discussions We Need to Have," Dr. Howard Luks laid bare an early challenge facing health care and social media: the "echo chamber" where the same issues get "regurgitated, over and over."

How do we move beyond this?

I propose that the early adopters and trendsetters within the health care and social media community establish a rough curriculum.

Below, I've roughly parsed the issues Dr. Luks raises:

1: Introductory Level Issues:
        What is important about health care becoming social?
        What is a rough sketch of the major issues at play?
        What are the tools?
        What are the examples of those tools in action?
2: Second Tier Issues:
        What specific areas of health care represent low-hanging fruit for social media?
        What are the examples of people already applying social media to those areas?
        What might "disruption" mean for the medical establishment?

3: Third Tier Issues:
        What is professional behavior on social media?

4: Fourth Tier Issues:
        How to manage HIPAA concerns?
        What is the doctor-patient relationship on social media?
        What kind of medical decision making is appropriate when and where?

I see the echo chamber improving when there is a centralized, widely endorsed, place to which experienced HCSM-ers can direct the less experienced.

Perhaps this could be a website that structures this content so that the user can access the level of insight appropriate to their experience with the issues?

Perhaps this site could be made pedagogical with some brief and directed youtube videos?

Or, have I completely missed the boat here and this content already exists in centralized, organized form?


Bob West said...

I think this is a great summary and great idea! I know that Wikis have served communities well in terms of crowdsourcing information on a particular topic. SNPedia is one example. Perhaps there are other options as well. Key, I think, is to have it be a HCSM community effort.

Emily Lu said...

Something I struggle with when I speak to the uninitiated about social media: how much of this can or should be prescriptive and how much of this should we leave to the newbie to figure out on his or her own?

At the very least, I can see a usefulness of some central repository of all the social media guidelines/thoughts (which you have nicely categorized here). But how prescriptive/useful will that be as the social media community is in its current form (as made obvious by the controversy last week) when we can hardly agree on anything besides that we like social media, maybe?