Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki gave me mad props today, and it was awesome.

My Nike+GPS app had a message for me at the end of my run today, and it was from Dirk Nowitzki: "Hey, this is Dirk Nowitzki, and I just wanted to give you mad props for making it out there today."

I couldn't be much more of a cynic, and I HATE patronizing flattery, and what could be more baldly obvious than that a corporate behemoth was shamelessly using a celebrity to make me feel good about buying and using its products? By all rights, I should be sick.

But if I don't get bummed some canned words of encouragement at the end of a run, I'm a little bummed.

The tiny fraction I know about Dirk NowitzkiI is that he's well regarded as a dedicated player and a stand-up guy. When I imagine Mr. Nowitzki sitting in a sound booth somewhere recording his stock accolades, I'm pretty sure he is, in no small degree, genuinely happy for me. I bet he's happy to be encouraging legions of minor athletes out there, and genuinely wants us to keep at it. And it works.

Imagine if it was stock commentary from my doctor?

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