Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to get started with Twitter (QUICKLY)

I've outlined 10 quick steps to getting started, in video and text. Play the video while looking at the text?

1. Sign in at
    *Your username will become your identifying "handle." I recommend going professional. I'm @astupple.

2. Click the drop-down at the upper right, choose "settings," and attend to "tweet privacy."
    *Before you share content, decide if you want it public.

3. Click "profile" and upload a picture.
    *Better to use a photo of your cat than nothing- otherwise people will think you're a spammer.

4. From the homepage, click "who to follow" and enter "@astupple," "@westr," and "@kentbottles."
    *You can sample our "feeds" by clicking on the links.

5. "Twitter clients" are programs, apps, and extensions that interface with twitter better than the website.
    *I recommend the web browser extension "chromed bird" for google chrome. Fast. So fast and easy.
    *Others love "tweetdeck" and "hootsuite" as desktop programs to use instead of the twitter website.
    *For your phone, I like the "echofon" app, but tweetdeck and hootsuite apps are great too.
6. Know this: Only those who follow you will see your tweets EXCEPT...
    *If you include a handle, @JohnDoe, in the tweet, then John Doe will see it even if he doesn't follow you.
    *If you include a hashtag, #thebeatles, then anyone following or searching #thebeatles can see it.
    *If someone searches your for terms that you used in your tweet, they MIGHT see it.

7. Q few quick terms:
    *Tweet- Any time you send a message via twitter.
    *Retweet- You resend a message that someone else tweeted, the originator notices (and appreciates it)
    *Reply- A tweet that starts with someone's handle, it's viewable by your followers who follow that person.
    *Direct Message (DM's)- Private message someone by entering "d astupple Blah blah blah..."

8. When including links, shorten them with services like or
    *The twitter clients usually do this automatically, you'll get a sense of how to condense links quickly.

9. If you want to see crazy, sign in to Sundays at 9PM and enter "HCSM."
    *I dare you. (It's the H.ealth C.are S.ocial M.edia weekly tweetchat and it's FUN.)

10. Finally, I'd follow @tweetsmarter to get LOTS of great tips on Twitter use and everything else.
    *The Twitter Guidebook answers questions like "What is a hashtag?" and others far better than me.

Happy tweeting!


*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Informative!

astupple said...

Glad you liked it!

Neil said...

I like this and will refer folks who are interested in starting out on Twitter but hesitating.
Will try out the Chromed bird (which is now called Silver Bird).

I recently found the GroupTweet app which helps to easily create a private community on Twitter. Have not tried it. Essentially you create a new twitter account for the group. Then everyone in the group follows that account and that account follows everyone. Then you can DM that account for private tweets within the group. Might be worth considering for a private resident chat session/journal club etc.

astupple said...

GroupTweet, just what we're looking for. We're getting some resistance with using Twitter in class to tweet questions during lecture. Was thinking of Yammer, so GroupTweet will be a good alternative.

Glad you liked the post, and thanks again for the input!